Information dissemination is important to the success of all students. Click on the links below to see the full contents of the recommendations and publications that support these recommendations.

Educate faculty, staff, and students for cultural competency, awareness of stereotypes and unconscious biases.

The institution must develop advising and mentoring programs that recognize the differences existing within racial/ethnic groups, social classes, and gender identifications.

Institutional programs must assist students in acquiring the appropriate social and cultural capital needed for success within the dominant culture of the academy.

Dissemination of institutional information and informal knowledge and advice must reach all students without prejudice.

The academic and professional benefits of co-operative and internship placements must be promoted to all students without prejudice.

Administrators must be aware that budget priorities, staffing, and physical space location and allocation contain powerful messages to students about priorities and inclusion.

If a student begins the calculus sequence ta a community college and has marginal performance, the students must be encouraged to complete the calculus sequence at the community college.

Student advocates need to be aware that peer-advising messages can be either beneficial or detrimental, for example–regarding concurrent transfer.

Actively and clearly promote the fields of engineering by informing students of both the degree requirements and the career options afforded from the different engineering degrees.

Departments endeavoring to attract and retain diverse students must promote a professional image that is multi-faceted, clearly defined, and relevant to students’ lives.

Departments need to employ personable, caring faculty as well as satisfied, influential student ambassadors to effectively promote the department and recruit prospective students.

Faculty need to recognize the value of and incorporate appropriate challenges for students in their classes.