Cindy E. Foor

MA, Cultural Anthropology, Western Michigan University
BA, Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

Associate Director & Research Associate, Research Institute for STEM Education (RISE), University of Oklahoma
External Evaluator, 2009-2014 NSF_DUE_11040000, Northern Kentucky University
External Evaluator, 2010-2015 NSF_STEP_4000612, Northern Kentucky University
Instructor, Department of Anthropology, Western Michigan University
Instructor, Women and Gender Studies, Western Michigan University
Instructor, Department of Anthropology, Grand Rapids Community College
Advisor, LGBTQU Undergraduate Student Organization, Western Michigan University

Cindy E. Foor was the Associate Director/Research Associate for the Research Institute for STEM Education (RISE). Her path to this position would not be unfamiliar to non-traditional or non-majority undergraduate engineering students who are at the center of her research. After completing her BA in Anthropology, Ms. Foor spent 15 years in the corporate world as Vice-President of Operations for a regional retail chain. A stint at the University of Kansas graduate program for Historical and Museum Management was followed by another 10 years in private business. Lifelong experiences with wage and sex discrimination, as well as homophobia, provided the impetus to return to Western Michigan University and Anthropology to find the language and means to speak truth to power. After completing her MA in Cultural Anthropology in 2000, Ms. Foor joined RISE in 2005. The collaborative team at RISE has provided a personal and professional safe zone to pursue evolving interests in ethnography of marginalized populations, cultural theory, the cultural/historical constructions of women’s identities and roles in past and present societies, and most recently, equity issues in engineering education. Her contribution to the multidisciplinary team lies in qualitative methodologies, cultural theory, interviewing techniques and the belief that outliers offer the greatest insights into the workings of power. Cindy retired from RISE in 2017.

Awards, Honors:
Third Place Award for “Best Diversity Paper” 2015 ASEE Conference
Outstanding Graduate Instructor, Western Michigan University

Cindy Foor’s Vita 6/2016