Susan Walden

Susan Walden
Director, RISE
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
5 Partners’ Place
210 Stephenson Parkway, Suite 3100
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: (405) 325-7407
Email: susan dot walden at ou dot edu
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Cindy Foor

Cindy Foor

Cindy Foor
Associate Director, RISE
124 Carson Engineering
202 W. Boyd; Room 124
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: (405) 325-3721
Email: cynthia dot e dot foor-1 at ou dot edu
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Randa Shehab

Randa Shehab
Director, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Nettie Vincent Boggs Professor
119 Carson Engineering
100 W. Boyd; Room 124
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: (405) 325-2307
Email: rlshehab at ou dot edu
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Deborah Trytten

Deborah Trytten
President’s Associates Presidential Professor and Associate Professor
252 Devon Energy Hall
110 W. Boyd; Room 252
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: 405 (325)-4299
Email: dtrytten at ou dot edu
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We acknowledge the contributions of the following people

Founding Faculty:

  • Teri J. Murphy, Undergraduate Mathematics Education
  • Susan E. Walden, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Teri Reed, Industrial Engineering
  • Randa L. Shehab, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Womens’ and Gender Studies
  • Donna J. Shirley, Engineering Education and Aerospace Engineering
  • Deborah A. Trytten, Computer Science, Womens’ and Gender Studies

Collaborating Faculty

  • Jeanette R. Davidson, African American Studies and Social Work
  • M. Jayne Fleener, Mathematics Education
  • Betty J. Harris, Anthropology and Womens’ and Gender Studies
  • Anne Reynolds, Mathematics Education
  • Pakize (Simin) Pulat, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Mark Nanny, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences
  • Mary John O’Hair, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Leslie Williams, K20 Center

National Advisors

  • Mary Anderson-Rowland, ASU, Industrial Engineering
  • James Borgford-Parnell, U.W., Adult Education
  • David Bugg, BP Inc.
  • Tony Lopez, Xavier of Louis., Computer Science
  • Alice Pawley, Purdue, Engineering Education
  • Elaine Seymour, Colorado, Sociology
  • Larry Shuman, Pittsburgh, Industrial Engineering
  • Karina Walters, U. Washington, Social Work

Local Advisors

  • Rosa Cintron, Adult and Higher Education
  • Francey Freeman, Engineering Minority Student Services
  • Tony Lee, Minority Student Services
  • Claudia Morales, Minority Student Services
  • Mayra Olivares, Minority Student Services
  • Paul Rocha, Engineering and Minority Student Services
  • Kimberly Rutland, Minority Student Services
  • Lisa Schmidt, Engineering Student Services

Post-doctoral Associate

  • Rui (Celia) Pan

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

  • William Stephen Anderson, Vocal Music
  • Angela Beauchamp, Meteorology
  • Kandro Brown, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Ryan Browning, Computer Science
  • Wen-Yu Chao, Communications
  • Tyler Combrink, Computer Engineering
  • Tiffany Davis-Blackwood, School Counseling
  • Bach Do, Computer Science
  • Randall W. Evans, Industrial Engineering
  • Monica Flippin-Wynn, Communications
  • Mario Franklin, Industrial Engineering
  • Andres Guerrero, Aviation Management
  • Van Ha, Industrial Engineering
  • Rebecca L. Heeney, Adult and Higher Education
  • Elizabeth Kvach, Womens’ Studies and pre-Medicine
  • Quintin Hughes, Industrial Engineering
  • Stephen M. Lancaster, Mathematics Pedagogy
  • Stacia Leonard, Industrial Engineering
  • Ben Lopez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nathaniel Manzo, Industrial Engineering
  • Gabriel Matney, Mathematics Pedagogy
  • Lindsey S. McClure, Industrial Engineering
  • Reinheld E. Meissler, Anthropology
  • Ruth Moaning, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sandra Kay Moore-Furneaux, Communications
  • Brittany Shanel Norwood, Elementary Education
  • Sedelta Oosahwee, Adult and Higher Education
  • Berit Pearcy, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tracie Revis, Human Relations
  • Lauren Rieken, Community Counseling
  • Joshua Rogers, Journalis and Mass Communication
  • Johanna Rojas, Industrial Engineering
  • Kelly K. Shockley, Industrial Engineering
  • Catherine Thomas, Computer Science
  • Jeff Trevillion, Law/MBA Dual degree program
  • Carl Walkup, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Kim Warram, Chemical Engineering and Studio Art
  • Emily Weisbrook, Electrical Engineering
  • Emily Wellborn, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Anna Wong Lowe, Communications
  • Li Zhao, Architecture and Journalism

Other Contributors

  • Ginger Murray, Professional Editor