RISE research is guided by the desire to give voice to student experiences often unheard in engineering education research. Our primary research data consist of semi-structured interviews of engineering students, faculty, staff, and industry representatives. We augment interview data with demographic and background questionnaires,  academic transcripts, institutional artifacts, public websites, and observational field work. Our analysis is driven from a cultural constructionist standpoint employing qualitative methods and theoretical frameworks borrowed from social science.  From the beginning, RISE has recognized that the unique experiences of different populations  are easily lost during data aggregation, therefore we emphasize disaggregation of small groups and individuals in order to better understand those unique experiences in engineering education.

Across our three primary projects, we have collected 577 interviews of 473 individual students, faculty, or staff. This constitutes more than 12,000 pages of interview data. In addition, we have collected survey data from 147 individuals representing 97 different institutions.

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